Thank You
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Thank You

This Tech Tuesday, I thought I would offer a little update on the state of TickTocking.  I have to say, this project has exceeded my wildest expectations.  I’m sure you have noticed that I have not been able to keep with my goal of blogging every day.  Some days I just don’t have much to say and I don’t want to compromise on quality (I have a couple times and wish I hadn’t).  I will try to, at the very least, post three times per week.
Here are my traffic stats from yesterday, and they are pretty standard for days when I post:

For a watch blog with nearly no pictures and no product coverage, that is outstanding.  The process of forcing myself to think deeply about certain topics multiple times per week has been incredibly valuable in itself.  Having readers that clearly are getting something out of the content is icing on the cake.

So thank you all very much for reading and for your comments.