As a child, I fell in love with watches. I have always loved cars, art, design, architecture, and gadgets. To me, watches combine aspects from all of those into a neat package I can bring with me wherever I go.

Though I started in technology, for over a decade I have worked in the watch industry. I helped run one of the largest online enthusiast forums, then I launched MB&F North America and developed the brand here for several years. As an executive and very early employee of perhaps the coolest watch brand of this century, I was able to meet the best collectors, press, and dealers from all over the world. I also got to see the absolute coolest and rarest watches on the planet. I have been featured in numerous magazines including Esquire, Forbes, Worth Magazine, Whitewall and by online media companies such as TechCrunch and Hodinkee.

More than anything, this experience in the industry fused with my passions outside watches has given me a sense of good taste. My passion is helping collectors learn about, find, and buy the good stuff. I have been buying and selling my own pieces, as well as helping connect private buyers and sellers for so long that I have decided to do it publicly. I would love to help you find a truly great watch so you can enjoy this world as much as I have.


Steve Hallock


Watches come with a 24 hour inspection and return policy. Buyer is responsible for overnight return shipping, although we can help arrange for insurance. Upon receipt of the returned watch, the watch will be thoroughly inspected to ensure it is in its original condition. Once approved, a refund minus shipping charges will be issued within 3 days.

TickTocking is not an authorized dealer for any brand. Watches are sold as-is with no warranty or guarantee of accuracy. We attempt to describe condition as accurately as possible, as well as providing photos and videos of the actual watches being sold. All shipments are sent fully insured, via FedEx, UPS, or the USPS. If a shpment is lost or stolen, a refund will be issued only after the approval of the insurance claim.