Watches just don’t get cooler than this one. Based on the mechanics of the groundbreaking Harry Winston Opus V, but with full URWERK flair, the 210 is perhaps the ultimate URWERK. It is easy to wear, 3 dimensional in the extreme, and there’s just nothing more satisfying than that huge minute hand flying back every hour. It’s so massive that you can actually hear it when it goes, making this sort of like an hour-striker as well.

This is from the first production of 210 in steel. Limited to 35 pieces, they are very difficult to find and rarely seen. This is actually my own personal watch, however I am putting it for sale because another UR made it into my collection (the 103 prototype). It has been worn quite a bit and has some scratches, but keeps perfect time. It will come on an OEM black strap and has papers but no box.