De Bethune

Unique DB28 Skybridge for Only Watch

The Only Watch auction takes place every other year and asks manufacturers to create unique pieces for charity. For 2013, De Bethune really showed the world what they could do with this stunning version of their DB28 Skybridge. Already an impressive watch, this unique version pushes it that much further. First of all, it is the only one ever created in platinum, a fact that only the wearer would know as the case is absolutely perfectly balanced on the wrist with their unique floating lug system. Then, the outer chapter ring, white in the usual Skybridge, has been crafted in the same brilliant blue as the rest of the dial, making the watch truly unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The blue on this particular dial, created as a unique piece so with extreme attention to detail, has been expertly made so that it transitions from a deep purple to an otherworldly blue. It’s drop dead gorgeous in person.

Pre-owned, but barely worn, I’m thrilled to be able to offer such a special watch.