Tradition Tourbillon with Fusee

While my interests skew mainly towards the independents, every now and then a big brand puts their vast resources to good use and comes out with a piece that really knocks my socks off. This is such a piece. I always loved the Tradition, and Max and I often spoke of how great it was and how it inspired the Legacy Machine series. This tourbillon is the ultimate execution of the “machine under a glass dome” idea.

The tourbillon is HUGE. It’s really one of the most impressive I have ever seen. Add to that the ultra cool fusee chain that winds around the giant cone at 5 and you have an ultra cool movement. To top it off, there is no bezel at all. The top of the watch is one big domed sapphire. And the best part is that it’s totally wearable at only 41mm. Because there is no bezel, the space is maximized so you can have these huge, visually impressive elements without needing a gigantic case. Wow!