Greubel Forsey


As Ben Clymer said on Hodinkee, the Signature 1 may be the ultimate time-only watch. A departure for Greubel Forsey, this one is not about inventions, or other sorts of multi-tourbillons. It is about the quest to create the ultimate in simplicity, from the brand with the greatest attention to detail in the world.

While it’s easy to get lost in the perfection of different finishes, the first thing that will jump out is just how incredibly comfortable the watch is on the wrist. It is a completely new case for GF, only 41.4mm, and is one of the most well proportioned watches I’ve ever had the pleasure to own. Beyond that, this is one of the first series of 11 pieces, crafted in stainless steel with an ultra-cool chrome blue dial. The outside edge is reminiscent of the Chronometre Bleu dial in how it goes nearly black in shade and bright chrome blue in sun, while the middle is a completely different finish β€” a calming blue that is a perfect match for the blued steel screws.