Romain Gauthier


The Logical One is perhaps my favorite new Independent watch of the decade. Romain knocked it out of the park with this one! Every single version is simply fantastic. I get more requests for this watch than any other right now, so if you are looking for one do not hesitate to email me as they generally come and go before I get a chance to offer them.

The ENRAGED is a limited edition of 5 in sandblasted DLC titanium with red accents and a matte enamel dial. The finish is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and the dial is a technique I’ve never even heard of.

From Romain about the dial: “The grand feu enamel dial is elaborately hand-finished. Romain Gauthier begins with an 18-carat gold base plate, then fires a grand feu enamel dial. Taking a perfect black enamel dial, the atelier then applies a labour-intensive finishing technique. First, the enamel dial is carefully treated with mixture of crushed rock and water to achieve a fine-grain surface. Then, the enamel dial is treated with mixture of silver powder, cream of tartar and salt that must be hand-applied with a boars brush to achieve a frosted surface. The result is a dark grey, matte surface that is entirely non-reflective.”