Horological Machine 4 HM4

HM4 was a big deal for me when I worked with Max. This was the craziest watch we ever made, the truest example of the ethos of the brand. When we released the watch we first showed just the movement, and always presented an uncased movement when we showed the watch. Unlike the “weird” watches that came before, this was not a normal movement with a module or even resembling a traditional watch movement in any way. It is a true machine from the inside out. I think this will be an iconic watch for years to come. Surprisingly, it is very light (the case is titanium and sapphire), hugs the wrist, is easy to tell time on, all making it extremely easy to wear…if you dare! I wore one almost daily for a year and loved it.

The watch is complete with box and papers (COOL BOX!) and comes on the original black strap which is in nearly new condition