Horological Machine 1 Hm1 Titanium

Horological Machine #1 is the piece that launched MB&F. With a design inspired by two world colliding, a central tourbillon, four mainsprings, and a case bolted together like a car, no one had ever seen anything like it at the time of its release. This particular piece is in titanium and was a limited edition of 10 out of the 100 total HM1s. It was the first HM1 to feature a smoked glass dial and is the most comfortable to wear due to the light weight of the titanium case.

Probably the hottest market trend currently is searching out for the original pieces from what are now cemented as the important indy brands. With many trading now at multiples of their original retail price, HM1 has become one of the few that can still be had at a fraction of original retail price ($250k). This is a fantastic opportunity to grab a foundational piece.