This is a very special watch for me. HM3 was our biggest seller when I was running MB&F North America, and the Frog was the wildest version. We had the idea of a new model — using online media as a retailer, benefitting both the media outlet and the brand. Of course this is now an accepted reality with the Hodinkee LE’s in particular, but at the time it had never been done. I got the bulk of my Indy education through The PuristS forum, eventually serving as an Executive staff member there; so I approached them with the idea. And that is how the Chocolate Frog was born.

A 10 piece LE, it was the first high end watch sold exclusively through an online forum. It sold out nearly immediately and cemented the business model that’s now commonly used today.

So I’m particularly pleased to be able to offer this one. It’s a special watch in my personal history, and I’m happy to be able to find it a good, new home.