De Bethune

DB28 Special Edition Unique

If you follow TickTocking, I don’t have to tell you much about the DB28. There is perhaps no better blend of contemporary design, materials usage, high finish, horology, and wearability. It is simply a must-have in any indy watch collector’s rotation.

This piece started as a Special Edition limited to 50 to celebrate the Aiguille d’Or (Golden Hand) win at the Grand Prix of Horology — basically like the Best Picture at the Oscars. To commemorate, they made this watch with Zirconium lugs (short in this case), a polished titanium case, a skeletonized minute track, unique hour hand, and a big golden hand and mechanism on the back for the power reserve. All of these are universally loved except for the minute track, which was a bit polarizing in its design. The owner of this watch had De Bethune change it for the standard minute track to get the best of both worlds. The watch comes with the extra, skeletonized part should you ever want to have it swapped back.

While the blue and yellow versions get a lot of attention, DB28’s in black and gray tones are always some of my best selling watches. They can be worn daily and stealthily, yet still have a ton of “pop”.