Big Bang Tourbillon Monopusher Chrono

What the heck is a Hublot doing on TickTocking?! For many of you, you can stop right there. The reality is that one thing that Independent watchmakers do not do well is sport watches. It’s a pretty big problem since this has become the biggest and hottest category overall. That makes it incredibly hard to find value in, with many of the usual suspects trading at 2-3x what they were just a few years ago (Rolex, Royal Oak, Nautilus, Richard Mille, etc). When this watch was offered to me, I too initially reflexively thought, “not for me!” But then I thought about it.

The watch is extremely comfortable on the wrist, is quite cool looking in my opinion, and offers a very large and visible flying tourbillon as well as a pretty cool monopusher chronograph system where all the components are on the dial side to view as you use it. The movement was actually made by BNB when none other than Rexhep Rexhepi was there. If it seems familiar to you, it is because it is the exact same movement that he later used to start his brand, Akrivia, with their monopusher chronograph tourbillon. That’s pretty cool Indy street cred! It’s in platinum and ceramic, which is a very cool combination as the platinum is bright white and contrasts nicely with the matte black of the ceramic and rubber.

Best of all, even though this watch retailed for nearly $200,000, I can offer it for less than people are commonly paying for a 15202 Royal Oak! For a sports watch in this price range, it makes sense to get a bit creative and look at what other bargains may have been missed.

Note that this is watch only — no box or papers. It is #1/18. There is overall wear including light scratches in the platinum case and the red paint on the chronograph pusher. The ceramic bezel is perfect, making it clear why that is a smart choice for a sport watch bezel. This is a watch for someone to wear and enjoy!