Ochs and Junior

Anno Cinquanta

You may think you’re looking at a run of the mill O&J Annual Calendar, but I assure you that this is something much more special. This was the first piece that the brand produced and is part of a limited model called the Anno Cinquanta. In all, 12 pieces were produced in a silver case.

The watch was handmade by Paul Gerber and Ludwig Oeschlin powered by a movement of Paul’s own making (rather than the ETA of the current production pieces). It has no extra finishing on the movement, case, dial, etc beyond what is needed for chronometry. Quoted in a note from Ludwig to the original owner, “The whole watch is more like the classic interpretation of a watch maker’s timepiece – the art of watchmaking.”

This is a very special piece for a discerning collector.

Offered at $22,000. Please contact me if interested