Christophe Claret

Adagio Minute Repeater

This is a drop dead gorgeous watch. Christophe Claret is well-known for the minute repeaters he makes for other brands. This was his first minute repeater for his own brand. It is a cathedral minute repeater, like modern Patek Philippes, meaning the gongs are twice as long for better tone and more sustain. Also he has incorporated a patented mechanism so that the gongs do not hit if the watch is subjected to shocks. The repeater sounds fantastic. Make sure you listen to it in the video review

In addition, the watch has two of the most useful complications: a big date, and second timezone. These are each patented mechanisms as well. One of my favorite minor features is a clutch that disengages the crown when the watch is fully wound so that you cannot overwind it. It’s just another ingenious way to make this a super practical, reliable super-watch.

This one is rose gold with an amazing rhodium and gold frosted multi-layer dial and rich blued hands. It’s complete and in unworn condition.

Offered at $125,000 or best offer. Please contact me if you are interested.