Patek Philippe

96 Bi-color (From 1942)

This watch is drop dead gorgeous. You will fall in love with this watch if you see it. Comes with the Extract showing production in 1942. Just imagine that they were making products this beautiful in the middle of World War II! It blows my mind.

The case is steel with rose gold bezel and crown. The dial is silver with rose gold markers and hands. It’s in absolutely mint condition, although there is evidence that the dial has been cleaned at some point. Case is 30mm, although you can see from my wrist shot that it is very wearable. It would make an absolutely killer ladies watch though, or super classy on a smaller wrist.

These bi-color 96’s are quite rare and nearly impossible to find in this condition. The movement was recently serviced by Patek, and I have the receipt. The strap is Patek and nearly new, and the buckle is RG vintage Patek. This is an absolutely top notch vintage piece for the right collector.

Asking $20,000. Please contact me if interested.