1941 Kari Voutilainen Dial White Gold Piece Unique

One canโ€™t find nicer people in the watch industry than Bart and Tim Gronefeld, which is why itโ€™s all the more sweet to see them produce one of the absolute coolest watches of the decade.

Inside a classicly proportioned 39.5mm case lies an incredibly beautiful, spectacularly finished movement that boasts an 8-second remontoire to provide top-notch chronometric performance. The remontoire can be seen at 9 on the dial, where it quickly spins and stops every 8 seconds providing kinesthetic intrigue to this mechanical sculpture.

This one is a unique piece. Only two of these Kari Voutilainen dials were ever produced — burgundy with circle guilloche — one went into a steel case, and this one into a white gold case.