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Max and I are featured in the latest issue of Worth Magazine.  The article is on the importance and difficulty of successful partnerships, a PDF can be found here:
Worth Magazine

This topic seems particularly relevant to MB&F and to my view of business.  Of course, the &F are the Friends.  The entire company was structured around the importance of working closely with people.  Personally, I have always believed that people are the most important part of any enterprise.  You can have a great idea, tons of funding, and every other advantage, but if you don’t have the right team it is not going to be successful.

As cool as it is to be involved with the fantastic, cool watches that we have made over the last few years, by far the most pleasurable part of working with MB&F is the team.  They are very small (only 7 people incl 2 watchmakers) and everyone is supremely competent.  We develop plans and execute them at the every step along the chain.  While the amazing designs and creative ideas get most of the press, I have no doubt that this is truly the biggest advantage MB&F has.  It makes my job a pleasure.

My guess is that those of you reading this who enjoy your job probably work with similar teams.  Great people make great companies.