Moving on Part 2 – Why and What Next?
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Moving on Part 2 – Why and What Next?

If you missed my post yesterday, I am leaving my position with MB&F.  First of all, I got so many amazingly nice emails and phone calls.  Thank you very much.  It is great to know that people appreciated the job I did.  Another common comment was that of surprise or shock that I would leave, and curiosity as to what I am doing next.  I want to provide a bit more information.
First, my leaving in no way reflects on MB&F.  They are fantastic people, running a fantastic company.  I greatly enjoyed my time there and am proud to have helped them get to where they are.  We are parting on very good terms, and I have made it known that I am available to help them in the future should they need anything.

So leaving really came down to two things – personal goals, and timing.  Most importantly, I am ready for a new challenge.  Learning a completely new industry, new skills, and meeting so many great people has been an amazing challenge and growth experience.  Now I would like to synthesize that and all of my previous experience to create something really big.  And the timing was right to make the switch.  I am confident that the gains I have achieved and contacts I have made are stable enough that I can hand them back to our Geneva office, and they will continue here in North America without losing too much momentum.

So what is next?  Honestly, I am still deciding.  I have a few ideas of businesses I would like to start and some interesting job offers.  Some are watch related, some are not.  I got into the watch industry almost by accident.  Now I want to take a step back and make a real decision if I want to get back into it or not.  Most importantly, I want to work with super bright, driven people who are focused on creating something important.  I was lucky to have that experience with MB&F, and I hope to find or create it again.

Of course I will keep the blog going and keep everyone updated here.  If you have any questions about my leaving or my time in the industry, now is a great time to ask and I’ll try to write them up as posts.  Thank you again for the support – the future is very exciting!