Big Changes at TickTocking
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Big Changes at TickTocking

If you are reading this post on the site, you’ll see that I’ve made some major changes.  It is still a work in progress.  I am doing this all myself and learning as I go, so please forgive me for using you as my beta testers.
So what’s new?  Well, aside from aesthetics, the biggest change is that I have set up a space for community forums.  As I mentioned yesterday, community plays a huge role in enjoying and learning about watches.  There are already fantastic online resources, but I want to facilitate a bigger sense of community here on TickTocking.  I know my friends and readers are some of the smartest, most interesting, most well-informed collectors in the world – the cream of the crop.  If I can facilitate new friendships and interesting discussions, then I will be very happy.

I have set up a comment thread in the forums where I would love to hear your suggestions and advice.  If you have 5 minutes today, please drop by and leave your thoughts.  And even better, start a thread of your own or comment in someone else’s!  Empty forums are a sad sight to see.

I know some people are easily distracted by shiny objects, so I’ve also started a video thread to share some videos I’ve taken of some incredible pieces.  You can see the first post here.