An Update

An Update

Hi everyone.  Thanks for all the emails, tweets, facebooks, etc saying how much you enjoy the blog and wish I’d post more.  I apologize for not keeping it up, blogging is hard!  I have a couple posts in the back of my head, so I’ll try to write some stuff soon.  In the meantime, people seem curious as to what I’m up to, so I’ll get that out of the way today.
After leaving MB&F in December, I wanted to take time off to clear my head and figure out what to do next.  First, I thought long and hard about whether I would want to do anything in the watch industry.  I will write up some of these thoughts in a later post, but the bottom line is that it’s not really where I see my future.  I fell into it with the best watch company in the world, and am happy to leave it at that.

That left me with a notebook full of startup ideas that I have compiled through the years.  To be honest, I ignored them all for a few months.  I read a lot.  I played with my son.  I spent time on all the things I know I won’t have time for once I start a new business.

Now I am 90% set on the direction I want to pursue.  I am working out the details and research now.  It is not watch related per se, but I think it will be of interest to many of you. I will update as I have more to share, and hope some of you will be great beta users for me.

Anyway, I hope that answers the questions for now.  Don’t forget about TickTocking.  There’s more to come…